1. Twitter Update

    I hate Twitter. Don’t expect any tweets from me.

  2. View From My Apartment Window

           The rain-beaded lip of the overhang weeps onto the porch, a single column of roping rain illuminated by the porch light. The trees shiver. An evening dancer is lit up by a yellow lamp in a second-floor window. The sky that is not grey with water is pink and hazy, embracing the distant purple hill.

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  4. My talented sister made this piece in response to “Crying Nights”

  5. Meds

              I know I was worried, so worried, about something. Just a moment ago, worried enough to shake and sob ‘til I throw up. But now the nice chemicals are massaging my tired brain’s tense shoulders, telling me it is enough to just lie in my bed and play Pokémon. Things will be okay. Nice chemicals.

  6. February

              I have felt myself so small, my toes barely hanging on to the Earth while it spins faster than anything I know through the black void of space, and my ears fill with the roaring static of a thousand satellites and the bottom of my stomach drops out like the floor on a carnival ride.

  7. Precalc/Ender’s Game

              In the empty half hour before anyone shuffles into Math 118, it is possible to sit at this middle desk in the back row and mentally tilt the room so that you’re hanging, looking down past the six rows of identical desks bolted to the wall into the murky green rectangular pool of the blackboard.

  8. Crying Nights

              When you’ve cried as many nights as she has, you don’t wipe your tears from your cheeks. You let them rust there, wishing that this time they’d stain and crack your face open so that someone would ask you about them. Have you ever felt a tear run under your chin and down your throat?

  9. Candles and Candlesticks

              You and me, we would have destroyed each other. Our candle souls would have melted together until we were nothing but embers trapped in wax. Dinosaurs in a tar pit. We wouldn’t have noticed until it was too late, until it was too dark to find the light switch. What you need is a candlestick.

  10. Ocean Lost

              Go, young trusty traveler, and find the wedding ring in the closest ocean. I promise you it’s there. In every body of water of a certain size and dignity there is, buried deep under many sandy years, the circular metallic promise of true love. It makes the waves taste like tears and sound like sighs.