1. Consent

              At preschool, we teach toddlers to ask before they touch. The two-year-olds are taught to care for their peers from a respectful distance. “Are you okay?” “Do you want a hug?” “Can I tickle you?” Concern before demonstration. Permission before affection. Even little hands can hurt little backs; even well-meaning hugs can turn to chokeholds.

  2. Ferguson

              Today I watched two-year-old Noelle Bartlett pick up a black baby doll. Her pale pudgy hands carefully swaddled its soft body as her white-blonde hair fell like a shy curtain over its face. She said, “My baby is sad.” I asked her why and she said “I don’t know,” her eyes the color of tears.

  3. The Shadow and the Flame 24

              Freida kept her hands in her pockets.

              “Rude.” Prometheus snorted. “Well, what, are you going to stay Fritz, or whatever you were going by in there?”

              Her face scrunched up. “Freida.”

              “I know, but you could do so much better. Drusilla Evangeline LeClerq? Morticia Milan?”


              “We’ll see.” Prometheus winked and started whistling.

              “Shut up.”

    (inspired by characters created by gingerhaze)

  4. The Shadow and the Flame 23

               “Oscar?” she asked after a long silence, raising an eyebrow. The road was wide, with miles of pasture on either side like an ocean.

              “Mm?” Oscar was lost in a daydream.

              “Your name is Oscar?”

              “Not anymore. Oscar was some orphan.” The boy smiled and extended his hand. “Prometheus T. Sinclair. Pleased to meet you.”

    (inspired by characters created by gingehaze)

    I haven’t written a Shadow and Flame installment in a while; to read 1-22, search “The Shadow and the Flame” on my blog.

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  6. Beauty

              It is likely that you are not beautiful. It’s okay; very few people are. But the answer to our insecurity shouldn’t be to lie to ourselves. Every girl is beautiful? Bullshit. We should be reassuring each other that we are more than our looks. Beauty isn’t the only standard by which we can be measured.

  7. Twitter Update

    I hate Twitter. Don’t expect any tweets from me.

  8. View From My Apartment Window

           The rain-beaded lip of the overhang weeps onto the porch, a single column of roping rain illuminated by the porch light. The trees shiver. An evening dancer is lit up by a yellow lamp in a second-floor window. The sky that is not grey with water is pink and hazy, embracing the distant purple hill.

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  10. My talented sister made this piece in response to “Crying Nights”